More stupid bullshit from the Wall Street Journal

“The only hope for Apple and its suppliers is the possible launch of a low-cost iPhone later this year, which may help the U.S. company to gain market share in fast-growing emerging markets such as China,” said Capital Securities analyst Diana Wu.

They found an analyst that heaps praise on Samsung while shitting on Apple. How unusual.

  • rattyuk

    Any relation to Shaw Wu, he cut his estimate today, too? Still at 630 about 200 up from where we are at the mo.

  • Phillipus

    Apple don’t need to make a low cost iPhone to gain market share in China, just as Land Rover didn’t make a low cost car to increase it’s takeup in China. Quality products are desirable in China, too.

    • It’s all part of the utter failure of the financial press and even a good chunk of the tech press to fully grasp Apple’s business model and target demographic. It has become worse now that Apple has become enormous and wealthy with it’s not fully understood business model, and that is even more puzzling to the usual suspects.

      It’s as if a major contingent of the aforementioned press organisations are saying “Okay, you’ve been super lucky up until this point, but now you have to start operating like every other company so we can understand what is going on.”

  • This is getting ridiculous. It really looks like News Corp has ceded any and all pretence of maintaining even the suggestion of journalistic integrity at WSJ.

  • I don’t see the problem. They pointed to suppliers having issues mainly.

    Is it now wrong for WSJ to speculate like every other tech blog (including this one) does from time to time?

    I’m taking this article in a vacuum, not lumped w/ the other one’s called out here.

    (serious questions too, no sarcasm/argumentative tones)

    • kibbles

      guess you havent seen the sheer amount of irrational, illogical, “apple is doomed” stuff coming out of WSJ and re-posted here of late?

      to make it clear for you — “The only hope for Apple…” is hogwash. apple is sucking down 70% of the industry profit, as is. why is this their “only hope”

      • Yes and ignored most of it (meaning I didn’t read the source) but in a vacuum…what’s wrong with this post?

  • Stating that Apple’s suppliers are in trouble because of Samsung’s high end phone and then proposing the solution is for Apple to bring out a low end phone. Right, got it.

    Ms. Wu really knows her stuff though, she pointed out that the S4 has “cutting-edge features such as a beautiful screen and speedy processors”.

    Also Samsung has been improving their software which is “the key strength of the iPhone”, bang on there Wu, it’s definitely not their attention to detail, fantastic usability and unrivalled ecosystem that sets them apart.

    • Even funnier is that the “Apple supplier” that is in trouble is Samsung itself, given that Apple made concerted efforts to drop Samsung as supplier. So as Dilger pointed out in a linked article on the Loop, pretending that Samsung will be able to sell an equivalent number of tablets and phones top make up for the loss of Apple as a client is absurd.

  • CJ

    I heard an ANALYST today on the radio talking about the new Samsung…he said that he saw a prototype, and that it was “MIND BLOWING, IT WAS LIKE A PHONE THAT HAD AN IPOD BUILT IN! I MEAN VIDEO AND EVERYTHING!@” What a bunch of dumbasses. History will tell, that’s all that i can say. I’ve never seen such manipulation of a stock in all my years. Apple will have the last laugh….

    • So is it now stock manipulation any time someone speaks positively about devices other than iDevices?

      The iPod part was funny though. 😀