‘Google Reader is dead, so we built it for you in Zite (in six hours)’

We at Zite were sad to hear about Google Reader’s impending demise. Google Reader and Zite have always been complementary products: GR providing news from sources you’ve subscribed to manually and Zite giving you news algorithmically-targeted from the whole web.

Since Google Reader is dying, we created a replacement in Zite that doesn’t depend on Google’s infrastructure. From start to finish, in six hours.

People were worried about what would replace it when Google announced that it was killing Reader. Doesn’t look like there was much to worry about. Zite’s one of the first out of the gate with a replacement, but I doubt that it’ll be the last.

  • http://www.feedly.com is great too! Both as a web app and as iOS app.

  • Glen Turpin

    I think “hacked something together in six hours” would be more accurate. Zite is very far away from what many Reader users seem to want. Browsing in a magazine-like interface is very different from scanning hundreds of headlines in a list.

    I’ve moved to Feedly, which has most of the flexibility and features I want, but I’m still checking out other products.