‘Ceding the Crown’

But that’s how news reporters increasingly are treating the state of the industry. The desire for the “Oh, how the mighty Apple has fallen” narrative is so strong that the narrative is simply being stated as fact, evidence to the contrary be damned. It’s reported as true simply because they want it to be true. They’re declaring “The King is dead; long live the King” not because the king has actually died or abdicated the throne, but because they’re bored with the king and want to write a new coronation story.

I think John Gruber is absolutely spot on.

  • Highlander

    The question is, how long before the news media get bored of their new “King” (Samsung? Google? Amazon?).

    • def4

      As long as the new king maintains such a handsome marketing budget, they’ll figure out a way to keep boredom away.

    • I dunno. The tech press have never really been invested in Apple. If you look exclusively at the writings of some new media douchbags, they somehow went straight from “beleaguered” to “on the rocks” in the last 15 years, with no real high point. But of course that doesn’t explain how they made all that goddamn money…

  • Apple’s stock is also in a position to manipulated, and many of these stories are in service of a narrative expressly designed to move the stock in directions mandated by hedge funds and short buyers. Those who have actually bought into the “I’m bored with Apple” meme because they desire the hits that these stories generate are unwittingly dancing to the tune of Wall Streets propaganda marching band.

    The alternative is that modern electronic journalism is so mindless and pathetic that it views it’s job not as informing, but as jumping on whatever fabricated bandwagon is currently getting traffic.

    As cynical as I am certainly am, I still hold a modicum of hope that not everything the digital press published is slavishly devoted to generating ad impressions at all costs. But the Google search of WSJ’s headlines as discussed on this week’s “Amplified” certainly makes it difficult to hold onto that hope.

    • “many of these stories are in service of a narrative expressly designed to move the stock in directions mandated by hedge funds and short buyers.”

      I wish the general media and specifically the tech press were that Machiavellian – at least then you could attribute a level of intelligence to the machinations.

      But the media is, sadly as I have come to discover in dealing with it all these years, simply remarkably stupid and simple minded and incapable of being directed in that manner.

      • Yeah, sometimes when you believe others are possessed of base and mischievous compulsions, the niggling and unfortunate doubt is to think maybe, just maybe, they really are as dumb as they appear.

  • Iterative improvements aren’t “Wow” moments so the tech press sees all of these S4 features and is Wow’ed by them. They don’t consider the gimmick factor in some of them though.

    It is kind of like showing shiny things to kids or the old adage all that glitters ain’t gold.

    With that said, I’m not bashing the S4 or Apple but that’s how I see the tech press taking Apple’s seemingly mundane announcements (1 Wow feature [which may be the hardware, boring news] and N iterative improvements) vs some eye popping demos.

  • Tired of Tech Press “Integrity

    Spot on. Is the tech press jealous of the passion and true loyalty of Apple customers? Can they not understand a corporate culture that amasses huge profits by putting customer experience first? Are they in fear that simply writing the truth about Apple is not yellow enough to attract readers?

    The obvious stock manipulation of Apple stock could not be pulled off without the manipulation of the tech press. Good work guys, You should be proud.