Browett ‘just didn’t fit’ at Apple

No shit.

  • Christopher Levin

    I don’t get how treating your employees with humility and respect is something you have to “learn”.

  • Adam

    Interesting story, but the ‘Macgasm’ mobile site splits that five paragraph article over three pages, with the middle page an unskippable full-page unrelated advert. I don’t imagine I’ll click through to another of their links!

    • Joshua Schnell

      It’s a huge bug, and we’re not too far out from squashing it.

  • Dixons, the UK store he came from, has a really poor reputation, with poor, demotivated staff and a pile it high attitude. How on earth anyone thought he’d be a good fit, I’m not sure.

  • Mitchell Sternbach

    LOL. No shit, indeed.

  • Everyone could see that coming when they hired him.