Apple and Samsung: Like Coke and Pepsi

  • Barry

    To quote re: Android “It’s a win for the advertising industry”

    • I should really be buying shares in Samsung’s advertising vendors.

  • Craig

    Seems more like Apple = Pepsi and Samsung = Coke. In a taste test I can see people preferring Apple, lay out the features though and and they’ll go with Samsung. Guess who has the epic marketing budget too…

    • torchie


    • kibbles

      er, no…coke came first by many years; so that would make samsung pepsi — the clone that came after. (there is no denying samsung’s flagship smartphones are all derivitives of the iphone touchscreen smartphone design)

      • Or derivatives of Palm. 😉 lol

        But seriously…the days of Samsung copying the iPhone hardware are years behind us.

  • people in the media that have brains do exist.

  • Interesting the pictures of the S4 were from lol.

  • Guest

    Hang on, did that guy actually just say on national television that Samsung smartphones are outselling the iPhone? Does nobody even care about being correct any more? Why even talk about this stuff if such blatant untruths are allowed to go unchallenged?