Transitioning from Google Reader to Feedly

I like the people at Feedly and the service. This could be a good alternative to Google Reader and they’ve promised to work with developers, so hopefully apps like Reeder will support the service as well.

  • Amen. I use Reeder more than any other app. I hope I can continue to use it.

  • samdchuck

    Already switch to Feedly. It’s is kinda weird, I just logged in with my Google account and everything was there, hopefully the transition after Reader is gone will go just as smooth. Very happy with it at the moment. They do need some space saving layouts though.

  • G

    I just finished setting up Feedly. I could definitely get accustomed to it after Google Reader, and I wish them luck on the transition to their own “Normandy” back-end. My only minor gripes: Missing a global “A” keyboard shortcut to mark all read, adding subscriptions is very odd (I pasted a URL and was told nothing was there), and feeds cannot be at the top level—they must be inside a folder/category. All in all, though: Similar enough, nicer looking, more options, works.

  • Glen Turpin

    I’ve been using Feedly for a while now and it seems like the most promising substitute for Reader, but it has an unfortunate tendency to crash on iOS. A lot.

  • Definitely nice, but not a great fan of Web interfaces, even if this is clearly one of the better ones. I hope the developer of NewsRack (or, at least, Reeder) will add Feedly support to iOS and OS X versions before Google flips the switch.

    Bottom line I might then even be happy with Google’s decision, as I can then close my only account with them forever. They never had my real name or address anyhow, but I do not want them to have my IP addresses either.