Apple offers VESA mount option for iMacs

Apple recently updated its online store to reflect availability of a new VESA mount-compatible iMac, with the tweaked version of the thin all-in-one costing in at $40 more than standard models.

Just the thing if you want to hang your new iMac on the wall or on an articulated arm.

  • Brian Mauter

    Um, no. That new iMac you just bought can’t do VESA. You’ll have to buy another new iMac. I’m anxious to see new iMacs on eBay just because their owners want the VESA model.

    • dreyfus2

      Or you just buy the VESA adapter for $39, which has always been available… The only news here is that you can have the iMac shipped with that adapter mounted instead of the foot. You could do the very same thing forever…

      • dreyfus2

        Scrap that. Sorry!

        Just learned that the new models do not support that adapter. Did not know that. Seems we have to urgently change some orders then :-(

    • gjgustav

      I think he means new iMac owners as of today.

  • dreyfus2

    It took them quite a bit to come up with that as a shipping option. We have, as per the latest count, 382 iMac and TB-display feet lying in our storage.

  • Reagan

    What is it about the new iMac design that wouldn’t allow a VESA kit to work? This would seem to be easy to design for.

    • gjgustav

      There are weight loads, torque on the mount, venting, etc. to be accounted for. It takes (took) a little time.

    • dreyfus2

      No idea, really. But they have certainly done a lousy job communicating this change. We have 28 iMacs on order since January, and our Apple sales rep knows that we must have height adjustable stands, and he let us order the models without a VESA mount option and the adapter plates (that do not fit) anyhow… It happens rarely with Apple, but not so impressed.

      (OK, admitted, I could/should have checked myself, but as every earlier model had that option, I did not really expect this change.)