The customers Apple doesn’t want or need

I think Kate pretty much nailed it.

Also: “Hee Haw Folks” made me laugh.

  • dmx

    but I would argue what Apple should do is to educate/influence users like what they have done via the “Think Different” and “Get A Mac” campaign. Apple need to go back to those narrative again and again. In a world that is dominated by mediocre and plain stuff, Apple needs to get its message out loud and clear.

    • Hypothesard

      Not sure It would apply to Today’s Apple reality as the Think Different and Get a Mac campaigns were tailored for a little guy / marginal company, which Apple isn’t anymore.

      Doesn’t mean Apple would (or wouldn’t) need to get out there.

      Not even the I’m a Mac / I’m a PC -style applied to iDevices would translate (straightforward), as the allegory of fragmentation would translate in Human Diversity (size, color, clothing style, etc.) Yesterdays Uniqueness would translate in a today’s Monoculture

      When products of a company reach a certain market-share, there is not much you can do against bad judgement or bad taste. And without considering the stealing operated by Google (Java, IOS, Apple’s design, etc) [Big Blinders to swallow the following paragraph] : — The end products (the high end ones) aren’t that horrendous anymore (they’re still Plastic-y, awkwardly sized, questionably ergonomic, seriously vulnerable to malware, deliberately out of date [OS updates]), but as It is explained in the linked article, Android addresses Customers Apple doesn’t want or care in addition to people who wouldn’t get caught dead with an Apple anything.

      I’d have a plan but It would require a Time Machine…