ShellyBlog’s SXSW 2013 Sampler Links


Each year’s SXSW conference turns my hometown into a giant carnival of music, food, and strangers from strange lands.

My contribution to SXSW coverage is a listing of free music downloads and samplers, featuring bands who will be in or near Austin next week.

A lot of techies may not realize that while the first five days of SXSW is a tech conference, there’s a huge live music component too. Even better, a lot of these undiscovered bands make their music available for free online. Shelly Brisbin has collated some of the links to these gigabytes of MP3s.

  • kyle

    is it just me or does no one else see the links the article is referring to? Ahhh, hellooo? How is it possible to leave out the meat of the post?