Riffstation: Great looking app for guitarists

I’m downloading this today and giving it a try. You can slowdown a song to make it easier to learn how to play, which a lot of apps do, but the app will also show you the chords and when to change when you load an MP3 file into the app. I also like the feature for solos where you can isolate and mute the solo, which means you can play along with the song.

  • Craig Hill

    Just downloaded this and had a play and oh my crap! it’s great, it works really well on acoustic songs, the chord analysis falls over on fast distorto punk (Melvins – Honeybucket) but it works an absolute treat on Steve Earle and is “close enough for rock” on Zep’s Immigrant Song , gets the basic rhythm and chord progressions really close which gives you enough info to play around & work out a passable version.