Netflix Social lets you share movies with Facebook friends

Starting today, Netflix members in the U.S. can share their favorite shows and movies on Netflix with friends by connecting to Facebook and agreeing to share.

The new feature adds rows to the Netflix interface that show you what movies your Facebook friends have rated highly and what they’ve recently watched. If you’re concerned about letting your friends know about what Netflix calls “guilty pleasures,” you can tell Netflix not to share those details too. Netflix says the feature will roll out to all U.S. customers by the end of the week.

I’m waffling about whether this can be used positively or if it’s just another excuse for social media junkies to overshare every detail of their personal lives.

  • K. Langoso

    From the article:

    “You can choose not to share a specific title by clicking the ‘Don’t Share This’ button in the player.”

    Yeah, like I need Facebook giving me more things to do…

    Thanks, but no, thanks, Netflix.

  • kibbles

    the odd thing is, Netflix used to have this feature — native to their ecosystem. it was great…friends and I would recommend or warn each other, see each other’s queues, write review notes, etc.

    I think they got rid of it because you could warn friends NOT to rent something. I haven’t used the FB version but wouldn’t be surprised if you cannot.

  • I recently disconnected my Facebook from netflix, because either I had to specify not to share everytime i watched something, or even worse, on AppleTV there was no way to not share.

    That being said, I have no idea what this article is about, as it seems like the exact thing I ran away from. Or was it just not available in the US yet?

  • We’ve had this feature in Canada for quite some time and it’s actually a huge pain in the ass. Intrusive and naggy and ready to share stuff whether you want it to or not.