iPad photo workflow

For the traveling photographer—or anyone who shoots in the field—the release of the iPad offered the possibility of a much lighter, easier field kit. Unfortunately, for the first few years of the iPad’s existence, the software did not exist to facilitate a pro-level workflow. Over the last few months, though, a few new apps have hit the store, and they’ve brought some important new post-production capabilities. Depending on your post needs, you might now be able to get away with taking only your camera and an iPad into the field.

The lovely and talented Ben Long offers workflow advice for pro photographers thinking about replacing a Mac laptop with an iPad, for traveling work. Some great suggestions for ways of getting your photos to the iPad and what to do with them once they’re there.

  • I’ve been using the iPad in my photo workflow ever since iPhoto was released. It’s awesome! I do not like Snapseed AT ALL! (BTW Google bought it, they didn’t create it).

    As far as storage, 128GB is enough for me right now, but I’ll always be upgrading to the max storage available down the road.

  • Obviously a fake post. iPads are for consuming. Not a tool for creating real work. (Heavy Sarcasm intended).

  • He really is lovely but not as lovely as the beard