‘How to avoid sounding like an idiot when discussing politics’

Heavily weighted to American readers, but there’s some good general info in there about how to have a political discussion with someone without turning into a raging asshole.

  • quietstorms

    There’s an easy way to discuss politics without sounding like an idiot. Watch The News Hour on PBS.

    You could always destroy brain cells on cable news.

    • Local news destroys more.

    • JDSoCal

      Right, because Gwen Ifill is so fair and balanced.

      • Yeah, throwing around Fox slogans is a sure fire way to indicate that one takes an objective view of any political hot topic.

        • JDSoCal

          Nice ad hominem.

          • Nice lack of self awareness.

          • OK boys…back it down. You are proving the article is correct in its characterizations. Play nice or leave each other alone..

      • Player_16

        You sound like an idiot.

        • JDSoCal

          You sound like a libtard. See how that works?

          • OK…how about both of you knock it off with the name calling and we’ll call it even?

  • dmx

    but I would argue what Apple should do is to educate/influence users like what they have done via the “Think Different” and “Get A Mac” campaign. Apple need to go back to those narrative again and again. In a world that is dominated by mediocre and plain stuff, Apple needs to get its message out loud and clear.

    • Sorry but what does that have to do with the linked story?

      • dmx

        yike. the comment was supposed for another article.

    • Player_16


  • The easiest way to avoid sounding like an idiot when discussing politics is to not discuss politics. That’s my approach. There is no possible positive outcome of discussing politics so why waste the time and suffer the aggravation?

    • “There is no possible positive outcome of discussing politics…”

      I would strongly disagree. I’ve had many fun, productive, interesting political discussions…but you have to have them with ADULTS.

      • I agree with Shawn here. I, too, have had many interesting discussions about politics.

        The tips outlined in the Lifehacker post are helpful to say the least. I know why I’m thankful that my political studies teacher in grammar school had us dissect and compare the major constitutions.