About those IDC Android tablets passing iPad reports

As with most numbers about products in the tech market, there should have been some caveats to every story that wrote about IDC’s report on Tuesday that Android-based tablets would overtake the iPad in 2013. Predictably there weren’t.

The biggest point that should have been made is that IDC is predicting that “shipments” of Android tablets will top the iPad. That’s shipments, not sales.

I’ve had a number of people ask me about the report, some concerned that recent reports of Apple not doing well may be true. I’m not concerned.

The simple fact is, companies can ship as many products as they want into the channel, but that doesn’t mean they will sell them. Many companies just report the shipped numbers because they are higher than what they actually sold, so it looks better to investors.

Apple typically has trouble filling all the demand for their products. It would be wrong to assume that the company is holding back on its production because the numbers prove that’s not the case.

Just look at the last quarterly results when people were saying that Apple lost its mojo. Apple sold a record 47.8 million iPhones; a record 22.9 million iPads; posted record quarterly revenue of $54.5 billion; and record quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion.

Where exactly is Apple losing?

Ben Bajarin wrote a great piece about this yesterday too. Definitely worth a read.

  • rattyuk

    Paul Thurrot published an article today which used the Jan IDC numbers to claim that Apple has already lost to Android. You can’t make this stuff up. Oh, wait, apparently you can.

  • Noname

    I don’t know why we are even talking about this crap report. Apple’s two biggest competitors – Amazon and Samsung – do not release any sales or shipment numbers. These ‘analysts’ just take guesses. I could guess as well, and I know a lot more people with iPads than people with other tablets. Just sayin’.

  • Why you are so worried? Let’s them bark…

    I am not even sure what would be wrong with Android passing iPad in number of sold units? It will most likely happen.

    Does one get excited about Vokswagen passing BMW (or its own Audi) in sale’s numbers? Or about electronic knock-off watches manufactured in Hongkong passing Casio’s G-Shocks?

    PS. I am 99.99% sure the Android in IDC’s report means Android + its forks (Amazon Fire and hundreds forks in chineses tablets).

    • I have yet to even see a Samsung tablet outside of a store. Or a Google Chromebook for that matter. I do see Kindles and Nooks especially in the subway because they are light and easy to hold with one hand. But I see iPads everywhere.

    • rattyuk

      “Why you are so worried? Let’s them bark…” You seen Apple’s share price? It’s crap like this that is keeping it down.

  • the Ugly Truth

    To take down a premium brand, Sammy MUST: – copy slavishly and flood the market – flood the market with distorted lies to create doubt – attack the stock (amazing how rumors start in Asia and Sammy happens to own a brokerage arm). A falling stock creates unrest among shareholders who, in turn, attack management Once successful, the premium brands’ margin will be eroded as the general market will now think Sammy is the “innovator”. Rinse…repeat. Once successful, they will raise their prices.

  • BGC

    Rubbish. The IDC can predict a lot, like Windows Phone overtaking iOS by 2016. Compared to that the prediction of Android shipping more stuff than iOS seems actually an unusually educated guess coming out this company. Even my track record at predicting the Zombie Apocalypse is more accurate.

  • Jordan

    I think the consumer has nothing to lose with multiple options than fewer options. Let any company come and try to sell their tablet to the best of their ability to the market.