“Why Apple should sidestep the ‘Phablet'”

In other words, Apple sold almost twice as many iPhones last quarter as Samsung has sold Notes ever. So, who’s making the kinds of phones that consumers want again? While the category of pocket-busting phones may be growing, it’s hardly iPhone-threatening.

Every year or two there’s a new product fad that analysts say Apple absolutely must do in order to stay relevant. Netbooks. Low-cost PCs. Etc.

Sometimes Apple actually responds to market pressure, like it did with the iPad mini. It was able to engineer a product that didn’t compromise the core user experience, and it’s built a very successful product as a result.

But every time I see someone holding a Galaxy Note, I can’t help but think how ridiculous and uncomfortable it looks, and how un-Apple like it is. So I’m inclined to agree with Moltz here.

  • I prefer my phone be small enough to fit in my pocket without being too noticeable. I can’t imaging that a 5+ inch screen would fit the bill.

  • I drew a 5-inch iPhone design that was actually not noticeably bigger than an iPhone 5 by making the bezel much smaller, and using an iPad-mini sized home button (which is smaller than the iPhone 5 one). It had a 1420×800 screen @ 326 DPI, which has various merits except for devs, but I agree with John Gruber that an 1136×640 @ 264 PPI screen is more likely despite the lower DPI and dead-end (can’t be doubled like the iPad mini because 528DPI is just pure overkill). Any 5″ iPhone would be one of these two resolutions.

  • adrianoconnor

    If I had a blog worth reading, I write an article called “Why everyone should side-step the word ‘Phablet'”. It makes my skin crawl. Only thing worse than ‘phablet’ is when people call the iPhone 5 the ‘iPhive’. Grumble grumble.

  • The funny thing is MacWorld will be among the first to celebrate the Apple phablet as the best phone Apple has ever made the moment they do decide to do one.

    I remember Jim repeatedly laughing his ass off at larger Android smartphones on his podcast. The laughing stopped when Apple made their bigger phone.

  • Etresoft

    I love all things Apple, but not the iPhone. I still want my iPhone nano – sleek, small, and elegant. It has iTunes, Siri, clock, tethering, bluetooth, and maybe calendar and map. No e-mail. No web browser. Nothing that can’t be controlled with Siri or a handful of buttons.

    • ktshanti

      Siri can control email, FYI (view inbox, compose, search)

  • Is that a Note 2 in your pocket? Or is your name Ron Jeremy and you’re happy to see me?

    • Player_16

      I’d be a bit nervous if I noticed someone expressing their ‘happiness to see me’ in that fashion.

  • Rene

    I agree with your side-step comment. I also think manufactures have found phablets easier to make. It’s always easier to make something big, rather than to miniaturize it. I find it funny that it wasn’t too long ago that people were fixated on the iPhone mini/nano rumors?

  • Tvaddic

    I don’t think they need a phablet, but a larger phone wouldn’t hurt. With subsides phones basically cost the same, and some beileve that bigger is better.

  • lucascott

    i suspect that Apple will get into said craze when VoIP becomes the norm. then it will be easy to just add an app to the iPad mini, perhaps as an optional download to avoid any anti trust BS, and use headphones etc for your ‘calls’