Sistine Chapel VR

As the Papal Conclave happens in Rome, the cardinals spend their days in the Sistine Chapel. Here is a very cool VR of the inside of the chapel.

  • mvcmendes

    My favorite part is the lower right side, where Michelangelo painted the Pope’s master of ceremonies as the Devil. Why? Because he convinced the Pope to tell Michelangelo to cover every last penis all over the wall right when he was pretty much done with the whole thing. When they noticed that apart from covering all the penises, Michelangelo had put the guy on the wall as the Devil with a snake biting his manhood, the Pope said “Nope, we’re not changing anything anymore. It’s over”. So there is the Pope’s master of ceremonies, Biagio da Cesena, eternally painted on a wall with a snake biting his holy penis. Creatives, sticking up to the client since 1541.

  • Hell of a commission for commercial illustration.

    I find it interesting that so much of the Chapel’s mural art is that of muscular, mostly-nude men.