Greatest homes made from shipping containers

ku io9:

The relatively cheap shipping container is a good foundation for a strong, mobile, and post-apocalyptic home. In the last two decades, architects have been incorporating shipping containers into everything from schools to houses — for aesthetic reasons, but also out of economic necessity. Here are some of their most eye-catching creations.

You’d think living in a shipping container means your life couldn’t get much worse but take a look at some of these beautiful and innovative homes and tell me you wouldn’t want to live in any one of them.

  • kgbraund

    Yes, wonderful for cheap housing needs. And recyclable 🙂 I like the greens, too.

  • None of those houses were cheap. And all of them were leagues better than what a lot of Manhattanites are expected to put up with.

  • When I think of this, I think of TRON: Legacy. Sam’s home is a bunch of containers blocked together. At least, that’s what it looked like to me.

  • A temporary mall made from shipping containers was built in Christchurch after an earthquake destroyed most of the central city; it’s rather neat: