Apple’s new iPhone ads



  • Domicinator

    Say what you will about these ads, I like that they show what the hardware can actually do. I’m getting a little sick of Samsung taking the low road in their advertising as well as their lame attempts at humor.

  • The B.O.F.H.

    The problem I see with these ads is that they are dependent on the language (the homonyms: “sharp” for example). They don’t work in languages other than English (unless remade).

    • rattyuk

      They’ll be remade. But there are a lot of ideas in there.

  • gjgustav

    But will it make you dance?

  • One thing I’m noticing is rarely do you see a default Apple/OS feature in these videos. The majority are 3rd party apps. That may be the starkest contrast to competitor marketing videos.

    • It makes sense. One of iOS’s greatest strengths is it’s superb app store catalog. I imagine an equivalent ad from Android would look pretty weak.

  • Seriously am I supposed to care about Apple product marketing? This is one thing that truly is bizarre to me. I remember those controversial so-called shitty ads last year triggered some insanely lengthy debates in the “Apple community”. The podcasts I listen to spent hours discussing them too as well as the blogosphere. I just don’t understand why ordinary people get so passionate about how Apple choose to advertise their products to people, and spend so much time dissecting the underlying message and themes.

  • Kit

    One thing I love about these ads is the call and response. It never fails for me. Two times the people yell out a bold word. On the third time the bold word is iPad. The VO doesn’t yell out loud, but they do in my head.

  • lucascott

    anyone figure out all the apps. Apple used to do a featured in ads section in the store but dropped it and some of the apps aren’t obvious.

  • iOS’s greatest strengths is it’s superb app store catalog.