“Screw the readers”

Tell me this – Do you want to go to a site, click on something that looks like a story and instead have an ad fed to you? Because that’s what Mashable just “invented.”

I know what I think of this.

  • As bad as web sites like MacObserver and Cult of Mac that have words highlighted so that even when your cursor passes over them, an add pops up…sleazy all around…

    • Ugh. Those are the freaking worst. And you don’t even have to directly pass over them. There’s typically a 1-2px border around the links, so that even hovering close to them pops up that crap.

  • MrPhotoEd

    Advertisers try to get ads in newspapers that are designed to look like a regular news page. Our policy is that if it is an ad, it has to say so all around the borders of the “story”. Every once in a while, an ad will slip through, but the policy remains the same. If it is an ad, then it has to say that it is an ad when it looks like a legitimate story.

    Been there, caught that.

  • JDSoCal

    I think Business Insider should sue for patent infringement.

  • Funny, I read the article as “boycott Mashable”.

    And the CEO is called Cashmore? Really?

  • matthewmaurice

    Mashable content got so bad that I stopped reading a while ago. Now that they’re trying to make ads look like content tells me that things have only gotten worse.

  • Box of Cotton Swabs
    In a conversation after [Mashable’s SXSW MashShow] event, [CEO and founder Pete] Cashmore told Adweek that recent examples like Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet have only helped to drive excitement for a social-based native ad unit.

    I am constantly telling people how I cannot contain my excitement for a social-based native ad unit.