“Screw the readers”

Tell me this – Do you want to go to a site, click on something that looks like a story and instead have an ad fed to you? Because that’s what Mashable just “invented.”

I know what I think of this.

  • http://www.yourmaclifeshow.com/ Shawn King

    As bad as web sites like MacObserver and Cult of Mac that have words highlighted so that even when your cursor passes over them, an add pops up…sleazy all around…

    • http://thenextweb.com/ Brad @ The Next Web

      Ugh. Those are the freaking worst. And you don’t even have to directly pass over them. There’s typically a 1-2px border around the links, so that even hovering close to them pops up that crap.

  • MrPhotoEd

    Advertisers try to get ads in newspapers that are designed to look like a regular news page. Our policy is that if it is an ad, it has to say so all around the borders of the “story”. Every once in a while, an ad will slip through, but the policy remains the same. If it is an ad, then it has to say that it is an ad when it looks like a legitimate story.

    Been there, caught that.

  • JDSoCal

    I think Business Insider should sue for patent infringement.

  • http://www.scottearle.com/ Scott Earle

    Funny, I read the article as “boycott Mashable”.

    And the CEO is called Cashmore? Really?

  • matthewmaurice

    Mashable content got so bad that I stopped reading a while ago. Now that they’re trying to make ads look like content tells me that things have only gotten worse.

  • Box of Cotton Swabs
    In a conversation after [Mashable's SXSW MashShow] event, [CEO and founder Pete] Cashmore told Adweek that recent examples like Oreo’s Super Bowl tweet have only helped to drive excitement for a social-based native ad unit.

    I am constantly telling people how I cannot contain my excitement for a social-based native ad unit.