Microsoft committed to making Windows RT as bad as possible

Heads up, Windows users. Tomorrow, Microsoft will release an update for Internet Explorer 10 that enables Flash content in both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Yet another reason to never use it.

  • Karim Talab

    yeah cuz, you know, jobs said it was bad once

    • Chris/0

      Flash and Java were festering carbuncles on the left ass check of the World Wide Web for years before the iPhone existed.

      • Chris/0

        Cheek. Cheek. There goes my credibility.

    • And Adobe itself had to stop developing it for mobile because they couldn’t make it work properly. “Cuz.”

    • Steven Fisher

      Some of us used Flash for years. We know how awful it is, and didn’t need Jobs to tell us.

      Though I admit I cheered a bit when he told the truth.

  • I love you Jim, but this kind of shit is just sad.

  • And so we settle in for another three years of restaurant Web sites that convey no useful information. But look real pretty.

  • radutzan

    I laughed with the headline.

  • GTWilson

    Flash or no flash, I don’t see a usage case for the stuff anyway. It doesn’t cover any bases that iOS and Andriod don’t already cover….excepting an office suite I stopped using last year.

  • adrianoconnor

    The one person I know with a Surface RT quite likes it. I’d never get one though, it’s for Windows die-hards at this point. Surface Pro was even less interesting to me, until I read the review by the guy who draws Penny Arcade. All of a sudden, I want — no, need — one of those. Not available in the UK yet though.

  • lucascott

    i say good. Because if they do this and it is a miserable mess it will validate Steve Jobs refusing to put Flash support in iOS.