How cheap is Nicaragua? How about $2 beers in a luxury hotel minibar


If I ruled the world, I would issue a decree commanding every hotel to install minibars stocked with $2 bottles of beer. But since that’s never going to happen, you might have to go to Nicaragua to experience such an enlightened minibar alcohol policy.

Two dollars is actually a pretty high price for a beer in Nicaragua, where most places charge $1 for a 12-ounce bottle of local beer. The Hotel Plaza Colon is an outstanding hotel and room rates there hover around $100 a night.

I might look at Nicaragua for my next big boy vacation! Any Loopers ever vacationed in the country?

  • I just got back from Yosemite where, at Degnan’s Deli, craft beers are $1.69 and Tazo iced teas are $2.29. I think it’s the only bargain on the valley floor. Sorry, I didn’t look at the price for Heineken. I prefer porters.

  • Brad Cordeiro

    I went to southern Nicaragua for six weeks as part of the Survivor TV crew in 2010. Great place for a vacation. Good cheap beer, great cheap food, world-class cheap rum, and some of the nicest people on Earth. “Eco-tourism”, aka “roughing it in a fun way”, is the style there.

  • bagsessed

    Come to Honduras, it’s Better. Bay Islands are beautiful or Copan if you want to see a big Mayan City. And yeah in both we have Heineken

  • Steven Fisher

    About ten years ago, beer in the Philippines came to about $0.50 per can. No idea what it costs these days though.

    • Brad Cordeiro

      Last year, beer in a bar came out to about $1. Stupid market forces.

      • Steven Fisher

        Yeah, if I’d had to guess I’d have said $1-1.50. 🙂

  • if you go you absolutely have to visit Corn Island