Barley: A new content editing system for Web sites

Barley looks really cool with its inline editing and philosophy of having no backend admin section or plug-ins. It’s not available yet, but it will be interesting to see how it does when released.

  • rolphus


    I wrote something similar for work.

    It highlights “editable” areas of each page (as some areas are system-generated or dynamic) and lets you simply click on them to edit.

    The editing interface is CKEditor rather than anything as neat as Barley, but it works well for our purposes, and keeps the editing as clean and easy as possible.

    • rolphus: Is your app available anywhere? Perhaps we could learn from each other. Feel free to send us an email

      • rolphus

        It’s (sadly) not a generic CMS type application: it’s for editing copy within a public-facing line of business app.

        That said, I’m hoping to release something a little more polished and flexible (with source freely available) in the next few months.

        • Awesome. We look forward to seeing what you come up with. We too will be opening many parts of Barley. Thanks for leaving a comment!

  • That looks pretty cool, but I do kinda wish it wasn’t called Barley. Not because I don’t appreciate beer ingredients, but because of Nathan Barley. (fictional “self facilitating media node” hipster c*nt urban wankster)

    • We would never purposefully align ourselves with any hipster urban wanksters. Drat.

  • Thanks Jim for the link to Barley! We really hope your members and readers think Barley a worthy endeavor.

    If anyone has any questions about Barley I’ll try to keep up with the discussion here or you can contact us directly

    • “If anyone has any questions about Barley”

      LOL Yeah…one or two…

      How much? When? Where? What platforms? You know – all the usual questions people have….

      • Hi Shawn…

        Unsurprisingly we don’t know exact pricing yet. We hope to release Barley to public in the spring (April or May is our goal). “Where?” Unsure how to answer that but definitely on the Interwebs. And, Barley itself is a platform. The FAQ should answer this question in more detail.

        We will be releasing more information on our blog very soon.

        • This interests me despite the lack of immediately available information. More and more people my wife and I have to deal with need a CMS of sorts without knowing what one is. I’ll be looking to see this name again.

          • Agreed. Same here. That’s why I asked the questions. 🙂

          • Questions are good.

  • Intriguing.

    My blogs are hosted on Squarespace, but its CMS has a few problems and needs to be improved. I’ll be watching Barley closely.