Seattle bar preemptively bans Google Glass

Google’s high-tech augmented reality “Project Glass” spectacles are still in development, and not available for purchase. But Seattle’s 5 Point Cafe is getting ahead of the game — and fueling a debate over privacy — by banning the devices from the bar in advance.

Maybe it says something about the wretched hives of scum and villany where I like to drink, but I’m no stranger to bars that have “no camera” policies, so this doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  • Rudy

    Next: Schools and Universities

    • Google Creeper

      Next: Swimming pools, gyms, movie theatres, playgrounds, concerts…

      • quietstorms

        Probably. Bars will be the first to ban it because it will start a lot of drunken brawls.

        Glass is viewed as being sneaky.

        • steven jeffery

          Great video is drunken brawlss

  • The debate is over. There is no privacy. Anytime you are in public you are on camera. With facial recognition software advancing in accuracy every year, none of us are free from being traceable. It will soon be necessary to wear some type of polarizing mask to avoid being traced. At least they can’t see what your thinking…yet!

    • steven jeffery

      I don’t mind having a second source of footage. They might be laughing at you but at least it will be a human filming you. And of course there will be great fps footage.

  • “We don’t serve their kind here.” “What?” “Your glasses. They’ll have to wait outside.”

  • I just found my new watering hole.

  • lucascott

    private place, they have the right to set whatever dress code they like. Points to them for doing it in advance so folks know to leave that stuff at home or in the car.