On iWatch rumors, Apple stock trading and more

I was a guest on this week’s Tech Night Owl podcast with Gene Steinberg. John Martellaro from The Mac Observer was on too (different segment, though, we didn’t talk together).

Topics covered included what I think of rumors that Apple’s building an iWatch, the interesting case of Apple’s falling stock prices and more.

  • Peter, you and Jim always bring some good conversation with you when you play the Tech Night Owl.

    But boy Gene can have some strange ideas. I just don’t see there being ANY chance that Apple’s future plans for the AppleTV involve it being a hub for other connected devices in the living room. Apple doesn’t want to make your DVD, Blu-ray, and gaming console work more seamlessly… they want to replace those things!

    • Agreed. Any Apple “television” set that ever comes out will only have one single input. Your internet connection.

    • tylernol

      I have not yet listened to the podcast yet, but all Apple has to do to rule the living room is keep adding features to the AppleTV. DVD, Blu-ray, are already toast. As for gaming, all Apple has to do is open the SDK on the Apple TV and perhaps release a game controller for more classic gameplay controlling..something like the wii controllers, not the wii-u– one could always use their iphones or ipads for those games.

    • “But boy Gene can have some strange ideas.”

      It’s well known that Gene ain’t right in the head. 🙂