Netflix cuts off new third-party developer support

Netflix just used the quiet Friday afternoon to announce that it is effectively ending its public developer program. Netflix will stop issuing API keys immediately and will not accept new API affiliates.

Until now third-party developers have been able to integrate data from Netflix into their own apps. But Netflix is closing that door. The good news is that API keys that have already been issued and used will still work, so if you’re using an app that’s dependent on Netflix connectivity, it should still work.

  • Bobby

    Not a problem. We decided to terminate our Netflix subscription earlier this month, there’s really nothing new to watch and we felt we were wasting the money. So, I really don’t give a crap about Netflix.

    • kibbles

      nothing new? so where do you watch House of Cards, their new, exclusively awesome series?

      we’re also enjoying seasons of several other shows we never made it to, since we do not have cable.

  • tylernol

    darn. I had a good app I was about to start working on that would have needed that.

  • Billal Khalid

    Sir i wants to download the jar library file so that i can work with NETFLIX Apis on android through this link , but i find that this page did not open. can you please tell me a way so that i can download jar library file-+