‘What’s up with Apple’s down low on Ebay sales?’

I, personally, wouldn’t buy anything refurbished from Apple or from their Ebay store. I’ve seen refurbished stuff. So called “blemishes” and “normal wear” can mean scarred screens and body cracks. No thanks.

Not on refurbed gear sold by Apple. I’ve worked very happily for the last two years on a refurbed MacBook Air I bought from Apple and I’ve been delighted with it. It was as good as new when it arrived, has worked flawlessly, and eligible for AppleCare (and covered by Apple’s standard factory warranty). Only difference is that I didn’t pay even close to the regular retail price.

I’ve gone with the refurb section on the Apple Store, but if Apple’s moved to eBay too, I say go for it.

Unless you need to configure a machine to order and have very specific requirements or need to buy a machine when it first comes out, buying new is for suckers.

  • Rollie

    Apple Refurb store can’t be beat. Have bought a Mac Mini, Two MacBook Pro 15″, an iPad3 and an iPod Touch, all are flawless.

  • This comment was created on a mid 2008 refurbed MacBook (aluminium unibody) purchased on the Apple online store. It refuses to break down, gives me an hr of battery backup, and has had a grand total of “zero” issues. This thing has worked so well, I have decided, my next MBP is going to be a refurbed one.

    Convincing argument for Apple refurbed stuff is that all refurbed products are individually tested. New ones are batch tested. (not sure how true it is).

  • I’ve owned 2 refurbs from Apple and I don’t plan on buying new from them, ever.

    Both machines have looked as good as new with zero cosmetic defects or other issues, and mine have even had that new computer smell to them.

  • I bought a 2003 eMac, 2008 MacBook, 2012 Apple TV, 2012 MacBook Pro and multiple iPods from Apple refurb, all still work and never had to be repaired. In fact, my 2012 MBP was supposed to come with a 750 GB hard drive, my refurb has a 1 TB hard drive. Thanks, Apple.

  • After reading the post, it is obvious Ken Hess did not even look at the Apple Certified Refurb products store on eBay. All offerings are in ‘new’ condition, have the original Apple warranty offered on the new products, and are eligible for Apple Care. My experience with Apple refurbs, starting with an iBook G4, has been excellent. This is yet another example of a ‘journalist’ being lazy, sloppy, and inaccurate.

  • By initial outward appearances, the “secret Apple eBay store” seemed to actually be a secret Best Buy eBay store, since the warranties and extended warranties offered were from Geek Squad.

    The mysterious eBay store’s now offering Apple’s standard one-year refurbished warranty (which makes a lot more sense), but I’d still wager it’s still some kind of Best Buy sales channel.

  • Surprising no one, a ZDNet columnist has no clue what he’s talking about..

    He says, “Lindsay Sakraida, dealnews Features Director, sprung this little prize on the world”.

    No, he didn’t. I and many others reported it 3 months ago: http://yml.me/ZmgIpH

    “I mean, couldn’t they just discount their refurbished stuff on their own site…” Yeah but….they do.

    “I, personally, wouldn’t buy anything refurbished from Apple”

    Ah…so you have absolutely no experience or first hand knowledge of the issue you’ve written 500 words on….

    “now that the word is officially out on Apple’s Ebay store, do you think they’ll pull it back or keep it going?”

    It’s been there for more than three months now so…what do you think?

    But his best line is, “Maybe only the people at DealNews.com will know for sure.”

    WTF? Why would they know better than….oh…I don’t know….APPLE….?

  • Jeff

    Generally speaking, refurb is great. I got a Cinema monitor ~4 years ago which had a damaged side strip, and Apple refused to replace it. In many instances of buying refurb, that’s the only issue I’ve known about. So it does happen.

  • Stephen Thomas

    eBay doesn’t charge sales tax either. not insignificant on computers

  • Wow, yet another ignorant anti-Apple blogger writing about things he has no clue about. Apple refurbished is A LOT different from all other refurbished. It’s basically brand new, built from scratch.

    I am REALLY starting to get tired of these ‘journalists’ and ‘bloggers’!!!

  • The wife’s 13″ Macbook pro was a refurbish and aside from a swapped power supply under warranty, the unit was flawless and has functioned flawlessly going on 2.5 years.

    I also bought my 24″ iMac refurbished and aside from missing out on Thunderbolt, the only issue I’ve had with it was a RAM mismatch that was my own damn fault.

  • Stacy_C

    I bought a refurbed MacBook Pro in 2007 and saved $300 off the new price. Today, my wife is using that Mac and running the latest version of OS X and all the latest software. All I have done to it is upgrade the RAM and replaced the battery once. It still works like it did the day I bought it.

  • lucascott

    The guy has clearly never gotten anything from Apple that was refurbished.

  • Countryboy

    When I bought my 2008 iMac, i save several hundreds dollars buying refurb, im typing this on that same computer. In that time, ive never had any repairs done on it. I only buy from the Refurb store after that.

  • tylernol

    I pointed one of my friends to a refurbed macbook pro 15″ retina. She has been quite happy with it.

  • lucascott

    I think part of the confusion is that there is an official eBay store run by Apple for about a year or two selling refurbs same as the apple.com store. And an about six month eBay store that looks real official until you look at the warranty options which are geek squad and square trade. Who knows where those units are coming from or what condition.

  • I’ve purchased more than 10 iMacs and a couple of Mac Pros from the refurb store over the past 5 years (for my wife’s business) and they have been perfectly fine.