Bloomberg News vs Bloomberg News and the fight for stupid

Here is a brilliant piece written by Daniel Eran Dilger in February 2013 that shows how pathetic the mainstream media is when reporting on Apple. Bloomberg even goes so far as to contradict its own reporting.

Dilger tears them apart.

  • Kyle Braund

    DED is one of the most astute bloggers/writers out there.

    • MacsenMcBain

      Isn’t this the same guy frequently discussed on Angry Mac Bastards?

      • Kyle Braund

        Dunno, but here is his site

      • Megatrunk

        Yup. They can’t stand him because of his verbosity, sock-puppeting and fanboyish behaviour.

  • Oh my god, that’s a great article. My favorite quote: “Apple iOS is terrible at sitting on the shelf unsold.” BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  • He is fantastic. Even better, he came up with a lot of, then ridiculous sounding, predictions again and again; most of the time he was spot on. My favourite piece was on Bill Gates…

    Sample: “Mr. Gates, you are not a visionary. You are a cutthroat accountant who knows how to write up one-sided business contracts that screw over everyone but yourself. That’s what you can claim credit for, because you did very well at that. But stop giving yourself credit for envisioning the original things other people actually created.”

  • DocRoss

    My favorite quote from the piece:

    “After all, once you saddle up a pig for flight, it’s no further stretch of the imagination to soar into the air and grab that gold at the end of the rainbow, and then its just a matter of picking out which unicorn you want to buy with your unlimited new wealth. “

  • Dilger is often histrionic and partisan enough to allow his hyperbole to overcome the quality of his rhetoric, but I remember a nice series of posts he did a few years ago about Microsoft’s business practices, and how the tech journalism community glossed over them.