Windows RT is a lemon

As currently conceived, Windows RT is a lemon, and users are avoiding it in droves.

Haven’t we known this all along?

  • anthony f. waller

    To hear arstechnica’s resident Microsoft admirer admit is a fairly big deal.

    That said, Microsoft has a pretty clear addiction to backwards compatibility. Until they either break that addiction or release something like rosetta, Windows on ARM will go the same way as Windows on PPC and Windows on Itanium.

    • dreyfus2

      Well, to be fair, Bright manages to be quite reasonable more often than not… he is no way as bad as that Brutalinski clown they employ, this guy suffers from extreme mental disorder.

      Not sure ‘backwards compatibility’ is the main issue with Windows RT. ‘Partial backwards compatibility’ that no non-geek (and not even most MS aficionados) can comprehend is more severe here… According to several resellers, they had tons of returns from people who did try to install legacy software on the Surface RT. So in the end, they ship a device with ‘full Windows which isn’t full’ and an Office version that is ‘complete, except for a several miles long list of things it does not do’. This is not marketable, for a good reason.

  • jwoodgett

    That’s being too generous. A lemon can be used for many useful things and you can buy a truck load for the same price.

  • Moeskido

    We all sort of knew something was wrong with it when Sinofsky rushed through demoing any real functionality during that first presentation.

    • His Shadow

      He had to get back to work and stock up on office supplies before he got canned.

      • Moeskido

        Say… you’re right. He did seem particularly nervous that day.

        • His Shadow

          If I had a growing pile of purloined pens and paper in my office, I’d be nervous as well…

          • Moeskido

            If I had to regularly report to Ballmer about failures like this, I’d have to surgically remove some of those pens from my sternum.