The stupidest headline this week: “The iWatch could destroy Apple”

Do consumers even want an iWatch? We don’t know what we want yet; Apple hasn’t told us.

What an utterly crap article, from the headline straight through to the last sentence. Don’t click on the link. Just know it’s there, and that a Web site called “Android Authority” and a writer named Nate Swanner are responsible for the stupidest thing on the Internet right now.


  • Swannderpants

    Despite being a stereotypical Google fanboy, this bozo still chooses to use a weasely headline with “could” in it. Dumbass can’t even troll properly.

  • tora

    Somebody call the “wah”mbulance.

  • The article is much worse than the headline. It’s almost obvious that the entire article was simply an excuse to cram every keyword he could think of into a post so it got a high click rate.

    • Complete with photos to remind the trolls in the comments what it is they are supposed to be raving about.

    • Nat5150

      They’re thinking ahead though. They also put all the stereotypical bullshit these types of sites spew about Apple and their soon-to-be-launched-to-an-unproven-market products.

      They’re hoping to get some good links from sites like this and Daring Fireball in a year or two, when every bit of that story makes them look even stupider.

    • That’s every single one of their articles.

  • Neil E

    Apple will be a ‘has been’ in 5 years, it’s started already.

    • kibbles

      are you being sarcastic? if not…people have been saying that for decades. yet here they are, the most profitable player in both the mobile and PC space.

      any day, now.

    • You forgot the /s tag.

      If you are serious, go soak your head.

      If you are not serious, ignore the comment above.

      …but if you are serious, do the head soaking thing.

      Unless you are kidding.

  • DanPierce

    Every once in a while, I look at the What’s Hot stream in Google+. It’s filled with articles like this from these “news” sources.

    • So the “What’s Hot” stream is essentially a stream of hissing piss…

  • Aenean144

    Sounds like something Dvorak would write. He made the same prediction about the iPhone in 2007. The headline then was something like “Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone”. It was going to be an embarrassing mistake.

    The same criticism was actually levied on the retail stores by serious people.

    Oh yeah, schlock never gets old.

  • Jerry

    if it looks like the clunky photo, maybe so. But, using a bendable glass…that not only sounds cool, it will be cool. This guy sounds like a hedge fund manager that’s shorting Apple.