Such a great article by Om Malik on “Doing that one thing.”

  • quietstorms

    As a college student in the mid 90s and through to 2005 when I worked 50 hours a week, I would still subscribe to almost every blog and always feel regretful for what I skipped over in my RSS feeds.

    In my 30s I work less (my decision) but have also learned how to consume less. I subscribe to less stories on my RSS feed but I always pay attention to what Om Malik does.

    And I was also employed by a magazine that was gorging at the dot-com orgy. And thanks to a lucky set of circumstances, I have been an employer.

    High-quality artists never suffer from attention.They may die poor (only historically) though but that’s besides the point. It’s good to see a writer I enjoyed for so long, and came from little, become as well respected as any within this field.