Microsoft is batshit crazy

Craig Mundie, Senior Advisor to Steve Ballmer:

“We said, ‘oh the OEMs, that’s their design, they deal with it.’ We got huge diversity out of that at all possible price points, but it became hard to guarantee a uniform quality of experience that the end user had,” he explained. Pointing to the initial touchscreens in Microsoft’s first-generation phones, there were clearly devices with better hardware than others. “If you were in front of a bad one then people said that was a piece of crap; it didn’t work a damn.”

So let me get this straight. The way Apple does it, controlling hardware and software is the best way to do things. Got it.

And OEMs are to blame for everything that went wrong at Microsoft.

Perfect. Carry on Microsoft, you’re doing just fine.

  • It’s called “remediation.” Why take the blame for your own mistakes if you can hand it off?

  • GTWilson

    “Let’s foist upon our OEMs, after their idiotic race to the bottom, an OS that not only pulls the rug out from under over a decade of refinement thus irritating customers but also expects an expensive touchscreen to boot.”

    — Senior Advisor to Steve Ballmer.

    This explains so much.

  • Mother Hydra

    such rampant blame-shifting. Where is the board, clamoring for Balmer to stfu and step down? He has been a poor steward for MS all these years, his comeuppance cant come soon enough

  • chjode

    Wait wait wait wait wait… wait a minute… just wait a minute.

    Steve Ballmer has advisors? In fact, more than one, and apparently enough that some are senior to others?

  • Winski


    I read this whole interview with Mundie… This firmly cements Mundie, along with Bomber, as one of the top-ten stupidest tech execs working today… Astounding stuff…