Apple’s iOS kills Android among airline passengers

Apple devices are still reigning above the clouds, following the tablet trend with the iPad being the device of choice. Among all mobile devices being used to connect through Gogo, 84 percent carry Apple’s iOS operating system while 16 percent carry the Android operating system. If you look only at the smartphones our customers are using, the iPhone makes up 73 percent and all Android devices make up 26 percent, with Blackberry and Windows based devices each making up less than 1 percent of devices being used in air.

Maybe Android users are too busy getting rid of all the Malware on their devices.

  • BC2009

    Just goes to show that people buy Android phones because they are cheap. Many Android phones are being sold in extremely price-sensitive markets and are not the flagship phones that Samsung advertises 900 times per day.

    Makes me think that Firefox phone could really eat into those Android sales given that some of the upcoming Firefox OS devices are dirt cheap. If we see global Android activations drop after Firefox phones become available, then we will know that a phone targeted at the low-end can pull the rug out from under Android’s marketshare numbers.

    If people buying Android phones don’t really know what they are buying or don’t have any loyalty to the Android OS then Firefox OS should be just as good to them.

    • Tvaddic

      I don’t think a Firefox phone would be bad for Google, because they are the default search engine on it. And the fact that iOS is relevant, and leading in some cases shows Google doesn’t have a monopoly. Which could be one of the reasons the DOJ let them off easy.

      • Google is also the default search engine on iOS – and they still developed Android (which was planned as a competitor for Windows Mobile – where Bing reigns).

        But that caused them to lose the YouTube and Maps-apps on iOS and will probably lead to other lost hooks to iOS – Siri and probably sometime in the future a real iSearch.

        If Firefox OS becomes really important – Microsoft could pay Mozilla more than Google.

        • Tvaddic

          Microsoft could do that, but it probably wouldn’t do anything. Google was/is still dominant besides the fact that Bing and MSN were default on IE. And if people get Google’s apps anyway, like they have with YouTube and Maps, Google prevails because they can make more money (Apple didn’t want ads in the YouTube app). And in the US, Apple or any company has to let Google in, because Google is big enough to cause a stir in the media, and DOJ pressure.

  • jwoodgett

    Isn’t Gogo a paid service? If so, this likely explains the differential, in part (say no more).

    • But wouldn’t saying that be elitist? 😛

      Those damn biased facts^^

  • Brandon

    I think the majority of Android devices are purchased because they are the same price as a dumb phone, most users aren’t really interested in all the “features”.

    People buying iPhones do it because they want a smart phone.

    • chjode

      I think this is correct. I suspect many people get an Android phone because A) it’s cheap and B) the sales goon pressured them to get one so he could get a cash bonus. After the initial purchase, many of these Android phones are relegated to “dumb phone duty” in that they make calls and send text messages, but little beyond that. The phones are never updated, rarely connect to the web, and rarely download any apps.

      There are, of course, the power users who actually use their smartphones as smartphones but, at least on Android, they seem to be in the minority.

    • DanPierce

      Worse, Verizon actually reduces the subsidies on dumb phones so that they look more expensive than a smartphone.