“Why I switched from iPhone to Android”

This isn’t the story about how Apple has lost its way and no longer innovates. It hasn’t and it still does. This is merely the story of one dude who got a new phone. Nonetheless, my tale presents a picture of the strengths of modern Android.

Interesting observations from Andy Ihnatko about his switch to Android.

  • verbosity

    This is just part 1 of 3? Geez. Andy has become a true new media douchebag – this is the kind of claptrap I’d expect from Dave Winer.

    • quietstorms

      If Andy feels like he gets what he needs out of Android then I can’t blame him. Frankly, the last two major releases of iOS have been lackluster.

      • And what’s been great in Android releases? They STILL don’t even have a way to backup and restore!!

        • quietstorms

          Sharing between apps is better. This is something that should’ve been in iOS already. File management on iOS is a pain.

        • Gulli

          “What’s been great in Android releases” read Andy’s article you dumb fuck.

          • Chill with the cursing and name calling.

          • Yeah, unless you’re name is Jim, Peter or Shawn, that kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable.

          • Really? Where have I ever name-called a Loop commentor?

            And why are you bothering to open up this 17 day old can of worms?

          • Oh don’t mind me. I was just stopping in for a browse.

            I wasn’t referring specifically to name-calling a commenter. I didn’t realize you were being so specific. Not that it should matter. This site is notorious for cursing and name calling in its posts. How is that any more acceptable?

          • “I wasn’t referring specifically to name-calling a commenter. I didn’t realize you were being so specific.”

            Well, seeing as you were responding to my post about a commentor calling names, I think it was a fair assumption on my part.

            “This site is notorious for cursing and name calling in its posts. How is that any more acceptable?”

            You make the very common and yet very wrong assumption that the rules for the people who own the site are the same as those for people who post.

            The Loop is a benign dictatorship but it’s a dictatorship nonetheless. Just because Jim or Peter do something doesn’t give you carte blanche to do it too.

          • Whatever floats your boat, hypocrite.

          • LOL Feel better now?

          • Well I guess I’m kind of glad I gave you a good chuckle, but don’t worry about how I feel. That’s irrelevant.

            The bottom line is, The Loop is happy to dish it, whether it be nasty names, foul language, or harsh criticism, but it doesn’t want to take it. I believe there’s a expression about that, something about if you can’t then don’t, but the exact phrasing escapes me.

            At least Daring Fireball is upfront enough about it to not allow comments in the first place. None of this, ‘do as we say, not as we do’ benign dictatorship malarky.

            But hey, it’s your website. If you want to be a bunch of hypocrites, that’s your right. I’m just one guy calling it as I see it, which is my right, too. Unless you decide to tell me otherwise.

          • “The Loop is happy to dish it…”

            Agreed. But, you’ll notice it doesn’t happen with me calling names to the commentors and we don’t allow commentors to get nasty with each other. Sorry if that wasn’t clear to you.

            “None of this, ‘do as we say, not as we do’ benign dictatorship malarky.”

            Bull. That’s EXACTLY what DF does – “I can comment on stories but I’m not going to let anyone else do it on my site”. At least The Loop allows comments. It’s not unreasonable to demand of commentors that they don’t start Flame Wars but calling each other names.

            “I’m just one guy calling it as I see it…”

            That’s my point – you’re not. You’re adding up 2 and 2 and getting 5.

            The Publisher of the site, Jim Dalrymple and Peter Cohen can say and do whatever they want on their site. Call it hypocritical if you want but it’s the way the ENTIRE web works.

            You responded to my comment telling commentors to not call names and are trying to extrapolate it to (well worn, lame argument) “you’re being a hypocrite!”. I’m not. If you think Jim and Peter are, take it up with them.

            Bt at least try to do it on a current or relevant story. You’re just pissing into the wind posting on a month old story thread.

          • I’m not calling the fact that they can do whatever they want on their site hypocritical. I’m calling the way in which they exercise that right hypocritical.

            And I’m talking about The Loop as a whole, which is probably unfair since it lumps you in with Jim and Peter, who are the cussy & catty ones. But it started with your enforcing a hypocritical policy. I don’t see how you can defend a policy that is ostensibly about avoiding flame wars on a site that is incendiary in nature.

            No site is obligated to provide the option to comment. In the case of DF, Gruber has made his position clear. And while sites that do allow comments are well within their rights to police them how they choose, typically the commenting policy falls somewhere in line with the publishing policy of the contributors/editors.

            But a site that spreads hate and uses foul language that expects everyone in the comments to play nice… and is also doing well for itself, doesn’t have much of an incentive to change, does it?

            So I guess I really am pissing in the wind. Oh well.

  • Domicinator

    This is why I’m not watching MacBreak Weekly anymore. 2 out of the 4 people that are usually on it as commentators don’t even really like Apple that much. Andy has been singing the praises of Android for the last year, so this comes as no surprise at all. He’s mostly been using the SIII since it came out.

    • Yep. I agree. MacBreak Weekly used to be good but now they seem to be doing more anti-Apple news and coverage than pro-Apple coverage. I thought that was what This Week in Google was for or All About Android. There are still many other good pro-Apple Internet Broadcasts to watch and listen too that are NOT on TWiT.

      • Watched it. It’s ok, good discussion with Renė there

        • Domicinator

          Yeah–Rene Richie is on there, and that’s great. He provides a more realistic view on Apple. He’s not a blind fanboy, but he also doesn’t turn into a hater the second one bad headline shows up in the news.

          @Brian–what do you suggest for more Apple-centric podcasts? I have pretty much given up on TWiT.

          • Just recently I have started to check out Your Mac Life with Shawn King, Mac Geek Gab and The Opinion Cast. I agree about TWiT as they have lost their way lately. I do think the move to the new brick house has been part of the problem. The video and audio quality have improved but the entertainment factor has not been better. The whole network seems more corporate now.

          • What you really mean is Rene is still using an iPhone. And I use an iPhone too. So that makes him a brother I can trust. Andy is not to be trusted now because he’s carrying an Android phone around with him. Even though Andy almost never has a bad word to say about Apple on that show, he’s the enemy now because he’s using Android – right?

            Jim you must be so proud of the community you’ve cultivated around here.

          • FanOfTheFanboys

            LOL. Weren’t you the same guy was was defending Andy Rubin when Jim called him a moron the other week?

          • I wasn’t exactly defending him. I said something along the lines of Rubin won’t be losing much sleep about what a very pro-Apple blogger thinks of him. Rubin’s views about retail were not exactly radical thinking.

          • Domicinator

            I don’t think of Andy as the enemy–I quite like his writing actually. But as far as him on MacBreak Weekly is concerned, we already have the head TWiT guy (Leo Laporte) on that show regularly, and he has made it very clear he doesn’t like Apple anymore. Andy is the guy that talks the second most on that show, and he doesn’t like the iPhone anymore. I don’t go to MacBreak Weekly to hear how much people don’t like Apple products. I go there for news and tips. I get enough op-ed online, I don’t want to watch or listen to a Mac-centric show that I used to enjoy become a big bash fest. It’s stupid.

          • Did he say he doesn’t like the iPhone anymore? I thought his position was pretty clear that Android for the moment felt a better fit for his lifestyle and use needs. He will still continue to own and test iPhones – including new models when they come out.

            I’d say there’s precisely a zero point zero chance that Andy will join Leo in persistently bashing Apple. But if MBW does descend into that show you describe though then yes, I’ll join you in abandoning it. I don’t tune in for that either. I enjoy the debates with Leo, but I wouldn’t want the two main personalities to be ragging on Apple for a couple hours every week.

        • stevesup

          Rene should quit TWIT; it needs him more than he needs TWIT.

      • Andy rarely has a bad thing to say about Apple on that show. In fact, he’s the chief defender when Leo goes off on an anti-Apple rant. Just because he’s now using an Android device as his primary phone doesn’t suddenly make him a bad person or an Apple hater.

        But hey if you can’t tolerate people using different products to your preferred choices then that says a lot more about you than Andy. Grow up.

        • Domicinator

          Andy, Leo, and several other people on TWiT have made it 100% clear over the last few months that they’re not really into Apple that much anymore. I don’t hate people that don’t use what I use, I just don’t want to get my Apple news and commentary from people that don’t like Apple. TWiT is largely anti-Apple now. I would stick with iPad Today if Leo wasn’t on it. He still has a case of red-ass from when Apple banned him from press events.

          • I’ve watched every episode of MacBreak Weekly over the course of the past three years. At no point have I ever got the impression Andy dislikes Apple or is increasingly biased against them. Even today with this public switch to Android he’s been very classy about it.

            I agree the leader of TWiT Leo Laporte has become increasingly hostile towards Apple. And I do also agree the webcam incident that caused him to be banned from Apple events appears to have been some kind of trigger point for the negativity.

            As for the other hosts, well TWiT has a pretty diverse group of people hosting a range of different shows. They have the Microsoft writers hosting a show, the Android fans, they also have pro-Apple people hosting different shows. I don’t believe for a second TWiT is on some kind of mission impossible to destroy Apple. 🙂

            I’m sure Rene and Andy will continue to do a great job hosting on MacBreak Weekly.

          • lomifeh

            TWiT is pretty bad, or had gotten bad. Dvorak was on with Jolie O’Dell and they were having a fun little Apple Bash fest for no reason other than they could. But TWiT I’ve come to expect that sort of thing from.

            MBW should be positive about Apple, it stopped being that imho.

          • Would you rather have a cheerleader show, or something that tells the truth? I know multiple people who were firmly in the iOS camp who have switched of late. I struggled with that decision myself and quite frankly I liked the SIII and N4 more than the iPhone 5 I ended up with. I stayed because the SIII didn’t work with Samsung’s own Kies software and the N4 had wasn’t on Verizon’s LTE network.

            Apple is the safe choice. You know exactly what you’re getting. You’ll get a smaller, but well built phone and an OS has very consistant. These decisions have made them the #1 costumer phone by a long shot. They are the phone you can trust with your family. For those technologically inclined, a mature market is not always were they want to be.

          • lomifeh

            Cheerleader? No. But I want a positive show that does not engage in misinformation and random bashing which has happened more than it should.

            I also would get annoyed when the show would turn into an android one.

          • I stopped listening to MBW when it became clear that Laporte was descending into weekly whining or paranoia about foolish rumors.

            Ihnatko remains a good source of information for consumers, if occasionally too voluble. To use one of his own favorite adjectives, I think he’s deliberately tried to be more “ecumenical” about the stuff he covers, which is the smart thing to do if you want to broaden your audience.

            That said, I find the things he prefers to do with his gear are far more complicated than anything that will help make my day easier.

            Your Mac Life remains on my weekly list. Shawn King is by no means an Apple cheerleader, and he does know how to discuss tech issues that matter to consumers.

        • stevesup

          With Andy, I guess it’s the timing that bugs me. I haven’t seen so much FUD gobbed at Apple since the nineties. And I guess it’s just a bit much on a show for Macophiles. At least Leo should move over to All about Android; I’d rather have Gina on the MacBreak. She really does say useful things. Leo barely shows up, except to still the pot.

      • popemaster

        TWiT: the podcast network with ‘quality’ hosts like John Dvorak, Mike Arrington and Paul Thurrott.

      • So you’re saying you want MacBreak Weekly to be more like Fox News?

      • stevesup

        I agree. I quit watching CNET with Molly cus’ the Apple hate was so intense. Now I have to hear it from Leo? I’m fine with Apple criticism. I’ve lived thro’ its early, greedy years, and its bumbling nineties. But now it’s as bad as its was during the Windows FUD and fibs.

    • Ok? What is the problem? They must praises Apple? They have true opinions and talk about it in the show. Maybe you and me don’t agree with them, but it’s their opinions!

      • Domicinator

        They don’t have to praise Apple all the time, but TWiT needs to realize that a lot of their shows are turning the intended audience away. If I’m going to TWiT to watch MacBreak Weekly, I’m likely an Apple fan. And if I’m an Apple fan, I’m going to get tired of week after week of Apple bashing from Leo Laporte and all his buddies. It’s ok to Apple bash–go ahead. I really don’t care. But do it on an Android or Windows show. I would rather hear productive conversations.

        • So they need to change their opinions to make Apple Fans keep watching the show?

          Another side, you contradict yourself in this comment.

          • lomifeh

            No but an Apple show needs to be positive about Apple not a bitchfest which it often degenerates into. Regarding Andy he sometimes pushes the nice guy thing too much imho. Starting with the Apple/Samsung lawsuit where he was hitting hard on Apple only.

      • quietstorms

        The reason why I stopped listening to Macbreak Weekly is that it became boring. When you start talking about Apple rumors for two hours, it means you pretty much have nothing of value to say.

      • GTWilson

        There’s expressing opinions then there’s interruptions, walking over top of someone, shouting down, etc.

        I had the same problem with Laporte when he’d constantly interrupt Paul Therrott during Windows Weekly and tell him how great the iPad was.

        He’s just a pompous ass.

    • GTWilson

      I stopped listening to it and the other shows mainly because Leo Laporte is obnoxious. The only person left on that network worth listening to is Tom Merrit.

      • Domicinator

        This is a big reason I quit watching iPad Today. Sarah Lane is supposed to be basically running the show, and he doesn’t let her go 2 sentences without interrupting her. Half the time, he’s not even paying attention to what’s going on while she’s talking. She’ll move on to the next subject, and he’ll interject randomly with something they were talking about 10 minutes ago.

    • 100% agree. Stopped watching long ago! Leo is so ignorant about Apple products and would say things completely false on that show.

    • stevesup

      Years ago, Andy quit Macs with a similar flourish.

      • Domicinator

        Wait, so he doesn’t even use Macs? He usually has one in front of him on the show! That makes my decision feel even better if he doesn’t even use a Mac anymore.

        • stevesup

          Andy came back to the Mac when Apple came back.

  • GTWilson

    I still don’t understand the need to write a novel-lengthed account of how and why one replaces a piece of consumer electronics with another. It’s not like this is a serious life choice.

    People have come out of the closet or beat cancer with less fanfare.

    Trivial events like this are why mankind came up with Twitter,

    “New phone, yo! #AndroidRocks”


    • Carlos

      Yep. I don’t get why I should care about a 3-part article that repeats things we’ve already read in any of the thousand “Apple is doomed I switched to Android” articles. He even says that if you don’t like big screens then you’re wrong. Whatever.

      • lomifeh

        Well he does need to eat which is why this long winded article is there. But Andy loves his words. I don’t really care what he uses but I don’t get why he needs to write a novella about it.

      • rj

        That’s not what he actually says.

    • All of these switchers do it for the clicks. They want money and writing anti-Apple stories gets them the clicks they need to make some.

    • Mother Hydra

      link bait that nullifies the content of his altogether over-written article. We’re talking about a phone people. His large screen argument is equally vapid, lacking any rational thought. He just says: “Why am I right: Because bigger.” I’ve removed this guy from my RSS feeds, he went full retard with this self-congratulatory crap.

    • “I still don’t understand the need to write a novel-lengthed account”

      Because someone paid him a lot of money to do it.

  • Seeing more and more of these articles pop up…

  • Tonyinosaka

    I’m in agreement with the comments below regarding Andy an MacBreakWeekly. Glad to know its not just me.

  • dr.no

    fat pudgy fingers need five inch phone in 3 parts. wonder if Apple will boycott Mr. Ihnatko. I say Aye.

  • auramac

    Andy strikes me as a tech junkie slut who’s been itching for years to embrace an alternative to the Apple world- I’ve been following him. He goes out of his way to salivate over crap, including Vista when it came out- calling it a “not-too-shabby” OS. Pogue does the same thing, probably mostly for NY Times credibility, but he’s also a gadget freak. However, the worst thing you could do to him is call him an “Apple fanbois.” There are a lot of Apple hit jobs going on- no wonder the stock is insane. Deserters defecting to Android- or to be even more hip through obscurity- Windows phone! I personally think they’re all insane, and while there are some things I’d like Apple to do, the overall user experience and the connectivity of its ecosystem, the quality and reliability- it’s a no-brainer. It’s sad that one delayed reaction to losing Steve is a disconnect from Apple and a sputtering effort to demand they now get rid of Tim Cook. The perception that they’re coasting now. I have a loyalty and appreciation for Apple, for good reason- and I like to reward innovation. I’m all for that thermonuclear war Steve was talking about. Andy- have a nice life.

    • Domicinator

      I agree 100%. I believe completely in Apple, and feel that if I were to switch to another ecosystem (yes, I HAVE tried Android and Windows Phone) that my experience would be lessened. I like that my Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV all work together so well and that I can seamlessly sync information with my wife’s iPhone as needed.

      That being said, this is the roughest time I’ve ever had being a follower of Apple news. I’m sure some of you veterans are used to the bashing at this point, as this seems to happen to Apple a lot between new products, but I’ve only been into Apple for about 2 1/2 years now, and it makes me sick to my stomach to see all the unwarranted and incorrect information floating around the news. It actually dampens my joy when I use my iPad. I know that’s stupid, but that’s how it is.

  • Doug

    I also grew tired of the Apple bashing on Macbreak Weekly, and ditched it to open up room in my listening schedule for other podcasts (e.g., the great Mac Power Users with David Sparks and Katie Floyd). I felt MBW started to go downhill after Merlin Mann left, and then fell more after Scott Bourne left, too. Enduring MBW hosts choosing the Zune and Windows 7 as “Picks of the Week” made it clear they had lost their way.

    Sure, it’s their show, and their entitled to their opinions. But I’m completely happy and productive in the Apple ecosystem, and frankly, don’t even care to hear what’s going on with Microsoft, Android, et al, anymore than I’d be interested in a show about, say, popular fashion trends of 13th century Europe.

  • stevesup

    Andy and Leo, giving new meaning to MacBreak Weekly nee All About Android The Sequel.