Sad decline of HTC

That is brutal.

  • BC2009

    HTC actually builds better phones, they just don’t advertise the way Samsung does. HTC doesn’t ram a commercial down your throat 4 to 5 times an hour during primetime like Samsung does.

    The Apple detractors like to say that Apple’s products are inferior, but are just marketed well. The irony is that they are actually describing Samsung. Pick up an HTC One X and squeeze the device with a good grip. The device is solid and does not flex in your hand. The screen is gorgeous and incredibly bright.

    Pickup a Galaxy S3 and squeeze. Feel it flex in your hand. Listen to the plastic creak and moan in agony. Then look at the dimly lit AMOLED screen.

    Now hold the devices side by side. There is nothing better about the GS3 except maybe a slight advantage in battery life (or at least the ability to change the battery), but none of that is going to stop the average consumer from purchasing an HTC phone.

    What stops the average consumer from purchasing an HTC phone is the thought that is implanted by Samsung’s marketing engine. Consumers don’t like to be wrong about a purchase and Samsung is flooding every form of media with commercials and what seem like paid-advetisements disguised as journalistic blog posts touting Samsung as the king of Android. The average consumer simply thinks that he cannot go wrong by choosing Samsung for Android, when in fact he can make a much better choice by going with HTC.

    The real loser in Samsung copying the iPhone with the original Galaxy S was HTC. HTC was trying to build their own brand and their own designs, but Samsung aped Apple and built a phone that got people to think it was an iPhone. Samsung rode Apple’s coattails into being the Android leader and HTC was shoved by the way side. Too bad HTC could not sue Samsung for copying Apple because they could show some real damages.

    • Timmy

      True, I see much more Samsung commercials than Apple. Every break it’s Samsung. (In Europe) HTC is non existent.