Read WSJ or watch a gorilla roll in leaves

Some big news today that Apple is dominating Samsung in the smartphone market. No doubt the Wall Street Journal is trying to figure out a way to make this bad for Apple. You can wait for that or you can watch this great video of a gorilla rolling in leaves.

  • They should do what you do and just ignore any report that doesn’t fit the narrative. Such as the one a couple of days ago from AppThority that showed iOS apps more vulnerable to leaking personal info than Android apps. Oopsie.

    • gjgustav

      Was that the report that uses a negative term like “leak” than just “use?” All that says is that there are more apps that use the data, not leaked. Leak is a disingenuous term, especially considering your contacts and location data require user permission. If the user gives permission, then it isn’t leaked.

    • tylernol


    • This is the report that sampled 50 apps from each market place and it turns out that 4 of the apps from the Android market actually encrypted the data transmission and all other apps sampled did not (

      The report does not list which apps were sampled? The report states that iOS apps are “grabby” with personal data, but then doesn’t compare how many apps on each platform prompt the user for permissions to use Location, Calendar, Contacts data versus the apps that just take the data without the users knowledge.

      Vulnerable is the incorrect word. Any iOS or Android app has an equal amount of vulnerability to “leaking” this unencrypted data. The correct term is “probability”. Due to the study and the sample taken, it was found that there is a higher probability that a users iOS app transmits unencrypted data than on Android.

      Just incase you were wondering the sample set was: iOS App Store: 50/775,000 (0.0064516%) Android Play Marketplace: 50/800,000 (.00625%)

      Clearly a thorough investigation.

    • Techpm

      If you didn’t understand how flawed that report was you probably work for the WSJ.

    • Joe

      I’m probably too late, but you all really need to stop feeding this troll!

  • tylernol

    I want to watch Jim roll in leaves!