News Corp. to offer Android tablet to schools

On Wednesday at the SXSWedu conference in Austin, Tex., Mr. Klein, the former chancellor of New York City schools and the current chief executive of Amplify, News Corporation’s fledgling education division, will take the stage for a surprising announcement. Amplify will not sell just its curriculum on existing tablets, but will also offer the Amplify Tablet, its own 10-inch Android tablet for K-12 schoolchildren.

The move is bound to generate a lot of controversy for News Corp., the media conglomerate owned by Rupert Mudoch.

  • Makes a lot of sense. I have always thought that Android users were a lot like Fox News viewers.

    • Mother Hydra

      Just tell me what to think already. /s

  • Mother Hydra

    I don’t see how a conflict of interest isn’t incredibly obvious. But I’ve also witnessed what happens to educational textbooks in Texas. Not pretty, very politically charged and incredibly biased.

    • It’s a two-fer! Fox takes taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate schoolchildren with truthiness, with, I am sure, paid product placements, and more overt advertising.

  • Ugh, those poor kids.

    I imagine the IT support contracts for these devices will be lucrative as hell.

  • “Outside the classroom, children can use it to play games, like one in which Tom Sawyer battles the Brontë sisters.”


    • Vamsmack

      I would have loved to be at that planning meeting….

  • Vamsmack

    So Rupert Murdoch and News Corp hate children….