I’ll be speaking at the Ull Conference in Dublin, Ireland

I’m happy to say that I’m heading back to Dublin, Ireland to speak at the Ull Conference in April. You can find out more information and buy tickets at the conference Web site.

  • What’s your Heineken substitute when you’re over there, Mr. D.?

    • Sadly, Heineken is the #1 beer sold in Dublin.

      I weep for the human race…

      • Probably because they can’t bring themselves to consume English ales.

        • Guinness ISN’T an “English ale”.

          • Which is why Irishmen can drink it. Same goes for Heineken.

        • There are very few English ales available in Dublin pubs – some in bottle, but very few on tap. Some nice local brews in specialist pubs, such as the Porterhouse in Parliament Street, and Against the Grain in Wexford Street. These are also beginning to appear in other pubs too. Look out for Dungarvan Brewing Company and 8 Degrees Brewing to name but two.

          Guinness is still worth drinking, despite what Diageo have tried to do to it over the years.