Groceries for iPhone

Groceries is the quickest way to compose shopping lists on your iPhone and iPod touch.

Just start typing – Groceries will instantly suggest the items you are looking for, and even detect amounts and units. Got a product that Groceries doesn’t know yet? Just add it to your list once, and you’ll never have to type that product’s title again. Composing a shopping list is just a matter of a few taps!

I really like the apps that Sophia Teutschler makes, Groceries included.

  • the latest version is getting horrible reviews. I actually know two of the people who left recent reviews, so it’s not a competitor trying to game the system. Unfortunate, because it looks like it was a great little app.

    • gjgustav

      Have you tried it yourself? Everyone has different tastes. Apps are so cheap that I don’t really need to rely on reviews. I just try it myself.

      • No I haven’t. And the features that have been removed according to the reviews guarantee that I wouldn’t spend a dime on it.

        While I generally ignore most reviews on the App Store (because 50% of them are left by PR firms and the developers, and about 40% by clueless dolts), but when I recognize two people I know who both say the same thing in their review, I take it as gospel.

        Not being able to save your grocery list in a grocery list app and forcing you to type items every time is just silly. You might as well just use the built-in Reminders app (which does allow you to retrieve previous items).

      • Mother Hydra

        So apps are so cheap you can just buy a bunch of crappy ones until you find a good fit? This is your argument? Pass what you’re smoking

        • gjgustav

          I judge based on the feature list and UI of the app. If that’s not enough, yeah, why not buy a few to try them out? A good utility app on a desktop computer is $50. I can try several iOS apps for far less than $50 and I end up with a good one at the end. Utility apps save time – I only need to save a couple of hours to get my money’s worth, even after buying several.

  • All due respect to Sophie, but AnyList is pretty awesome. Similar item suggestion as you type, and list sharing. Also, free.

  • Bike Rider

    Sophie made a lot of unfortunate changes to version 3 that make it not nearly as good as the previous versions.

    It’s definitely a shame because the previous version was my favorite of the grocery/list apps.

    I do like and own several of Sophie’s other apps, which I bought because of how much I liked Groceries.

  • Mother Hydra

    I’ve tried the new update, sadly not worth the money anymore- I gladly paid for the older version! Why they tried to re-invent a perfectly good wheel is beyond me. Confusing and really sad. So now I need a good grocery app again.