CleanMyMac 2

I had a chance to use the new version before it was released today and really liked it. I didn’t figure it would find much on my system, but it cleaned up 6GB of garbage from my computer.

  • I know Jim. I really like the new interface and features.

  • Yep, a really nice new version and kudos to Macpaw for making it a free upgrade for existing users.

  • samdchuck

    WTF, this app has an intro video.

  • Dot

    I finally broke down and bought it. It cleaned 5.97GB off my mac.

  • Phos…. FourDots

    Why the hell Rixstep—and tech writers—don’t promote the free CLIX utilities like crazy blows my mind. Yes, I admit that it’s not pretty, and it’s a little difficult to wrap a brain around for most end-users, but, it’ll do anything any of the commercial utilities will do, and many they won’t, faster, in a smaller memory footprint (although that last one isn’t a huge concern these days).

    (I am in no way associated with the company or the product. It just flat-out rawks!)

    • No, thanks. If I wanted to use a command line for anything, I’d have stuck with DOS.

      • Phos…. FourDots

        Well, Moes… I guess you didn’t investigate it very deeply, then.

        You don’t have to manually type commands to use CLIX. But, you do have to know a little about the different categories of routines so you can find the tweak, or maintenance, or repair task you want to perform.

        Part of CLIX’s (and indeed Rixstep’s) raison d’être is to teach Maccers a little more about the deeper underpinnings of their OS, and how to tweak if they want to, or feel they have to. And that’s a good thing, for those who want to learn how.

        For those who don’t, there are 1000+ commands that can be run just by selecting them and clicking on a “Run” button. And the UI through which they are displayed, and by which they are executed is as lean as possible…no fancy gee-gaws. There are NO faster utilities for sale ANYWHERE, as far as I know. The commands are displayed as one would see them in and if the user wants to take those commands into Terminal and mess around they can do that. But you don’t have to.

        Most people just run shit and have no idea what it does. And if it doesn’t work, or if it produces some unintended disastrous results, they have no clue about why.

        As I’m inclined to repeat: Mo’ Info = Mo’ Bettah!

        • Bettah for IT, maybe. Calling the command line “WYSIWIG”?

          No, thanks. I already have a list of software I need to learn for my day job.

          • Phos…. FourDots

            Never did find brickwalls to be receptive to new ideas. Nevermind.

          • Sure. Every consumer who doesn’t want to be a hobbyist nerd is just a brick wall. Got it.