When it comes to security, Android is the new Windows

“There’s so much malware on Android, you’d think it would be a huge deal,” Cobb says. And the growth of is “huge,” he added, “both in the number of malware exploits and their increasing sophistication. The rate of growth in Android malware is impressive, and scary.”

  • He’s a security evangelist for ESET a company that sells mobile security products for Android.

    I remember when these people have given opinions about Mac security in the past they have been blasted for scaremongering while pitching products to sell.

    But hey if it fits the narrative run with it.

  • dmitri

    @duma I have to agree. I like shadenfrude on android as much as anybody, but it seems like “where’s there’s no smoke there’s not much of a fire.” It baffles me that android malware isn’t a huge problem, but this article only served to convince me that it ISN’T.

  • satcomer

    The freetoids will be coming out defend their religion soon.