Study confirms that Twitter is full of assholes

A year-long study conducted by the Pew Research Center has confirmed what we’ve known all along: Twitter is a rotten cesspool of smug, cynical douchebags consistently trying to out-mean and one-up each other. Oh, had you not noticed?

Except readers of The Loop. You are all awesome.

Hey, Pew Research: If you want to pay me to spend a year figuring out where the rest of the assholes are on the Internet, drop me a line.

  • Twitter is full of different people of all ways of thinking and behaving. You tune into the ones you enjoy and don’t tune into the ones you don’t. When you complain about being forced to endure assholes on Twitter, it’s like complaining about what’s on TV while the remote is in your hand.

    • Peter Cohen

      I don’t think Pew is complaining about it as much as pointing out that the population is biased as a whole towards negativity, which is interesting and sociologically relevant.

      But the snark was too easy to pass by – that’s what we’re here for.

    • DanielSw

      Terms such as “enjoy” and “negative” are each far too general to serve as any reliable gauge with which to evaluate a given source of information.

      For example, some may argue that Jim & company’s “vernacular” is a “negative” which they therefore don’t “enjoy.” This is way too simplistic, because I see that snark as a “negative of a negative” which to me is a distinct positive.

      Another example would be the Macalope’s slamming of the Apple slammers, which I enjoy. But the intent is clearly constructive at the expense of the “destruction” of those naysayers.

      One has to somehow discern “intent” along with everything else. The negative band, which starts at “antagonism” and goes down from there, brings with it varying levels of “perversion of truth.” So you can’t take what is said at face value. You have to consider “intent.” Is it constructive or destructive overall? The more destructive, the more perverted it is.

      What is the intent of the denizens of Wall Street? Profit. What of their scruples? I rest my case.

  • Shit, I could have told you this.