Matt Groening’s artwork for Apple, pre-Simpsons

The story that The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening once illustrated a brochure for Apple back in 1989 has been making the rounds of the internet for awhile now. However, in addition to that brochure, Groening did other artwork for Apple around that same time period.

A neat look back at the material Matt Groening worked on for Apple, back before Groening hit big with The Simpsons. At the time, he had indie cred as the creator (and publisher) of the Life In Hell comics, popular with the hip young kids listening to The Pixies and Robyn Hitchcock on their Walkmans. Apple drafted Groening to create a student brochure distributed on college campuses to encourage them to buy Macs, and he also worked with Apple on posters. Check it out.