Matt Groening’s artwork for Apple, pre-Simpsons

The story that The Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening once illustrated a brochure for Apple back in 1989 has been making the rounds of the internet for awhile now. However, in addition to that brochure, Groening did other artwork for Apple around that same time period.

A neat look back at the material Matt Groening worked on for Apple, back before Groening hit big with The Simpsons. At the time, he had indie cred as the creator (and publisher) of the Life In Hell comics, popular with the hip young kids listening to The Pixies and Robyn Hitchcock on their Walkmans. Apple drafted Groening to create a student brochure distributed on college campuses to encourage them to buy Macs, and he also worked with Apple on posters. Check it out.

  • I remember these form college. Lord, I’m old…

  • Life in Hell was excellent.

  • The typography is giving me nightmares. It is a wonder anyone was able to completely read those from start to finish.

  • I loved Life In Hell, The Pixies, and Robyn Hitchcock but I was anything but hip. Matt Groening did a signing at a bookstore in San Francisco sometime around 1988 and I brought all my Life In Hell books, a Matt Groening/Lynda Barry calendar, and a greeting card that he wrote but didn’t illustrate. I was pretty early but by the time I got up to him there was a huge line behind me. I handed one book to him and said there were too many people to ask him to sign all of them. He saw that I had the first books (the 12″ versions) and said he probably packed those in the box himself. He then grabbed all my books and not only signed them but drew a big illustration in each one and had Akbar and Jeff wish me happy birthday on my birthday in the calendar. I asked him why he called the strip “Life In Hell” and he said it was because he had moved from Portland to L.A.

  • I’ve got two of those “dream dorm” t-shirts. Sadly, the posters have long ago been trashed and dumped.