Bloomberg bullshit

While Tim Cook has dropped hints that Apple Inc. (AAPL) is hard at work on a television to drive the next era of growth, the company’s wristwatch-style device, still in development, may prove more profitable.

I wonder whether AAPL price will go up or down on the news that one unannounced product will be more profitable than another unannounced product.

  • Commencing countdown for Apple iCar rumours to re-ignite in T-minus 3 weeks.

  • Well, it is down today.

  • the way things have been going, I would say most probably down 🙁

  • Looks like somebody there has enough stock to make these kind of articles useful to earn short term stock profits

  • amarx

    The Bloomberg story is cobbled-together from no real facts, as usual.

  • Down. All news is bad news for AAPL.

  • stsk

    Just in: The iMassage will certainly be more lucrative than the iUnicorn.

    I mean, who doesn’t like massages?

  • If Cook refuses to offer any guidance to help support his stock price, then this silliness will become the norm, and usually with negative results i would suspect

    • You’re right. Apple’s CEO should spend his entire day responding to articles like this, everywhere they appear. 😉

      • Absolutely not / However, he should devote a few minutes of the day to support his stock price before it goes below 400

        • If you know of a way Cook can combat this pervasive gossip without making Apple sound foolish, I’d like to hear it.

          • Buying back some stock at these levels would send a clear message

          • Dance, Tim. Dance!

          • Actually, this conversation would have been amusing about 200 points ago

          • I’m a shareholder, too. But having Cook play this game with analysts sounds a lot to me like having Angelina Jolie argue with the National Enquirer.

    • Apple under Jobs seemingly couldn’t care less what the stock market though of Apple because the stock markets view of Apple was wrong.

      Pretending that Cook has to respond to the propaganda clowns of Wall St regarding the current Apple stock price panic is to be utterly ignorant of the fact that the same people didn’t see Apple’s run in the last decade.

      Nothing the usual suspects said 8 years ago was worth rebutting. Nothing they are saying now is worth rebutting.

      In fact, the dreary stupidity in the service of the current propaganda/narrative being used to manipulate Apple’s stock requires no more attention than that which it gets from pseudonymous posters in message forums like myself.

      it certainly is not something that the current CEO of the world’s most profitable and respected company should waste his time with…

  • yaz

    Sad that these kinds of stories are becoming the norm. There’s a lot of people getting on the ‘negativity bandwagon’ for Apple lately, even when it’s unwarranted or downright lies.