An investor nightmare

Philip Elmer-Dewitt recaps the rise and fall of Andy Zaky.

  • What a clusterfuck. I feel bad for Zaky and his readers, even though I don’t understand how he did not anticipate the greed and capacity for criminal behaviour on Wall Street.


    Another solid article by Elmer-Dewitt BTW; he’s doing some great writing recently.

  • tylernol

    after he mispredicted AAPL ‘s bottom 3 times in a row, I realized something was very off with the stock.


    Hedge Funds only invest in momentum stock which they can manipulate going up and down. Notion that some huckster can come along and see pattern in random set of data is quite funny. Same kind of bullshit goes on in media report of drug studies using suspect statistics.

    Unless Apple attracts main street who like stock prices lower than 100 and basically boycotts high frequency investors same kind of thing is going to happen again. but then again regular folks aren’t even in stock market since the 2008 crash. They are not coming back

    anytime soon.