“A plea for sanity this National (US) Grammar Day”

What I cannot defend, however, is asshattery in the name of grammar.

Lexicographer Kory Stamper makes the plea for grammarians to be less douchey this National Grammar Day. I appreciate the sentiment, but feel like it’s asking people to say “Yarr” less on Talk Like A Pirate Day. This isn’t lost on Kory, who warns against “vigilante peeving” and encourages grammarians to use the day in positive ways.

  • samdchuck

    I hate these [blank] days/weeks/months. Talk Like A Pirate Day is just as stupid as National Grammar Day which is just as stupid as April Fools which is just as stupid as Pi-Day …

  • satcomer

    Peter you should be glad you not IDG anymore. They are now look like they are completely off their collective rockers because the more with less seems to ruining them.