The most stolen items from British hotels


we’re all familiar with the rampant theft of towels and linen from hotel rooms – in fact, the problem is so widespread that some hotels have resorted to inserting tracking devices in their linens to stop the thievery.

However, it seems some hotel guests will steal just about anything that’s not nailed down (and some things that are). A poll of Britons uncovered a surprising array of goods pilfered regularly from hotel rooms.

I get the occasional towel and certainly the toiletries but the curtains? And who the hell steals the Bible!? Which part of the Commandment “Thou shalt not steal” is unclear to these people?

  • They should highlight that verse and leave the Bible open to that page instead of tucking it away. 🙂

  • SV650

    Are you thinking of Bibles such as those placed by the Gideons which invite you to take them? Look inside the cover sometime…..

    • I can’t. Every time I touch one, it burns my skin. Not sure why…


  • Bill

    I’m sure the Gideons are happy to replace the Bibles.

    • As I understand it, their mission is to get that book into as many hands as possible, right?

      • CapnVan

        Aye, I don’t think they care when the Bibles are taken. They assume that’s a win, from their perspective.

        • “Oh, look. Some poor soul needed that copy more than the hotel management did. Winning.”

    • “Who are the gideons, are they ninjas?”

      • The Gideons are a cross between ninjas and the Knights Templar. They sneak into hotel rooms and leave bibles.

  • Tiny throwaway shampoo containers and unused soap. That’s it.

    I don’t need any hotel’s ratty sandpaper towels. And taking anything else is just insanely bad.

  • Alex

    I usually chuck out the bible if the hotel puts one in my room.

  • Will

    My mate once used a Bible as roach for a year. So the Bible can actually have some use.

  • While in Reno there were these little placards in the hotel room bathroom that stated “Due to the high cost of linens, towels and room accessories, we will be forced ‘reluctantly’ to bill your account for anything you may have taken home by ‘mistake.’

    Those little placards make great souvenirs! 😉


    Typo? As of 03/03/13 – “Though shalt not steal” (Thou?) Just thought you might want to know.



  • Where was this survey carried out, prison?