The Loop’s responsive design is live

I mentioned a couple of months ago that one of the big changes coming to The Loop in 2013 was a responsive design, making it easier for people to read the site on mobile devices. That feature went live late last night.

I thought about how to handle mobile devices on The Loop for a long time. I could do an iPhone app, but it seemed silly to do a separate app just to show the same content; I could use one of those themes, but I found those to be unreliable in certain situations; I could also use a special URL like and force everyone with a mobile device to a special site.

None of those seemed right to me.

What I wanted was for everyone to come to the same site and have it format itself for that device. That seemed like the right thing to do.

You can see the new design by visiting the site on your iPhone. It should make the reading experience much better.

The Loop logo also now supports Retina displays. I don’t have many images on the site, but at least that one is now Retina friendly.