Judge lops $450M off Apple v. Samsung award

Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over two Apple v. Samsung cases in the Northern District of California, has just entered an order striking (or, more precisely, vacating) $450,514,650 ($450 million) from a $1,049,343,540 ($1.05 billion) damages award determined by a jury in August 2012.

  • GrokDumb

    And this will do nothing to stop rabid Google/Samsung defenders from insisting that Judge Koh was bribed by Apple when ruling against Samsung.

  • Actions like these will show Samsung that it’s perfectly okay to keep on doing what they are doing (Samsung Wallet anyone?).

  • dr.no

    Jury filed out the form and answered the question. Where was the Judge then when lawyers designed the question to answer. Jury answered those questions. It seem this just another way to prolong the judgement. The fact that same Judge didn’t ban the devices shows there is no possible justice especially when she wanted Apple to License because it had license to other companies.

    Patents are worthless.

  • jimbotomy

    What’s $450 million to Apple? A day’s revenue? Three days worth of profits? The damage figure is much less meaningful than the ruling itself.