How not to compete in business

Now that we’re being called thieves in a public forum, we feel we must respond in public as well: we cannot let Dietmar Kerschner trash our hard-earned reputation with baseless accusations that can’t withstand even the most basic level of scrutiny.

Disclosure: We at The Loop used to work with Rob Griffiths at Macworld and use some of Many Tricks’ fine products.

  • BC2009

    It would seem that the accusation made by Dietmar Kerschner is turning around on him. It sure looks like he is the one who did the copying from “File List” but simply did not realize that Name Mangler was the same product renamed. It seems like he was trying to take credit for a design that was not his own.

    Shame on you Dietmar.

  • I’ve been using Name Mangler for years and switched to Renamer when it hit the Mac App Store.

    Mr. Kerschner should be ashamed of himself. That’s a dick move to make.

  • Renamer dev here. We thought a statement was in order: