Air Wings Intergalactic released for iOS

Pangea Software on Friday announced the release of Air Wings Intergalactic, a new arena multiplayer flying game for iOS. It’s free to download (in-app purchases unlock new ships and levels).

The full game features seven different spaceships, different arenas and weapons to use (the free download sports four levels and one ship). It’s the successor to Pangea’s earlier iOS hit release, Air Wings. The game also features Game Center support and support for AirPlay, so you can stream audio and video of the game to a TV connected using Apple TV.

Here it is in action:

  • Tbolt

    Wow, I haven’t heard the name Pangea software since I last played OttoMatic

    • Peter Cohen

      They’ve been plugging away on iOS software for a while now. At first they converted their Mac games to run on iOS, but then they started doing original development instead. Air Wings was a huge hit for them – their first free-to-play game, I think – and it makes sense that they’d follow it up with a sequel.

  • “in-app purchases unlock new ships and levels”

    In that video I saw different ships with different stats. That tells me that this game is NOT free to play, but rather pay to win. I think i’ll pass.

    • From the looks of it it might cost you five bucks to buy all the stuff, and you don’t have to buy until you decide you like the game. Is that really so objectionable? Think of it as a demo if you like.